Photoset: Tradition. The University of Michigan Football Museum, Ann Arbor.

(Officially, it’s the Margaret Towsley Sports Museum, but it’s all Michigan football)

Those Who Stay. The Bo Schembechler Statue at Schembechler Hall. Long overdue. #GoBlue

Wall of 1,000 Wins. Well, 900-and-change. But who’s counting?

Kramer. No. 87, Ron Kramer, will always be with us.

Legends. Desmond Howard (21), Ron Kramer (87), Bennie Oosterbaan (47), President Gerald Ford (48), Tom Harmon (98) and the Wistert Brothers (11).

No. 69 represents all the unheralded linemen, without which those 900-plus wins wouldn’t be possible.

Fritz Crisler. An underrated man. I had never seen this bust before.

Michigan Stadium memorabilia.

This is Michigan.

Great and Greater. Bo Schembechler coaches up star-in-the-making TE Devin Funchess