Let me upgrade you: Down I-94 Everything Bags

Part of the challenge of opening an online store is that people don’t always get a great sense of what you’re selling — or its quality.

There’s only one way to address that problem, and that’s by making your offerings as 3D and real as possible. That’s my mission.

This week, and over the next several weeks, I will be writing about how Down I-94 products may represent a significant upgrade over items you may own currently. 

Today’s selection is the Everything Bag, 18x18, polyester, and two-sided. The bag is substantial enough to carry most anything you would need for the work day. 

Compare my bag, which is the top two images, to the blue A2 Journal bag below. In terms of size, quality and durability, the Down I-94 version represents an upgrade.

The blue bag I’ll keep, for nostalgia purposes. The Ann Arbor Journal was what got me back into journalism at a point when things could’ve gone either way. But when I need to work and don’t mind stopping along the way for the people who want to ask where I got my bag, I’ll be going Down I-94. 

If you’re ready for an upgrade, go to downi94.com/product/everythingbags/ and get started. Select up to two images, tell me where to ship it, and in about a week you’ll be holding an everything bag of your own design.

Size 18x18, polyester. Contact support@downi94.com with any questions, or if you’d like to use an image of your own.

Down I-94: Give the gift of Detroit 

As seen on Detroit’s east side. Gratiot, Joseph Campau, and I-75. 

Pray For Us. As seen at Joseph Campau and Charlevoix. 

Shoe Dangle. As seen on Remington and Omira, off the Chrysler service drive.

Gratiot, looking south.

Ramp Closed. I-75 South at 8 Mile.

Ramp Closed, part 2.

Gratiot, looking south, part 2.

Like what you see here? Put a piece of Detroit on your wall at my online store, downi94.com. With phone cases, tote bags, shower curtains and many more practical items, give yourself or a loved one the gift of Detroit.

Down I-94: The Store is open for business

Down I-94 started out in dark and cold of January with only one purpose: to show Detroit with a human face. I thought it a waste the photographers came to our fair city from England, France and Germany and returned with nothing but pictures of burned-down buildings. I thought I could do better. Down I-94 was my outlet to do so.

Armed with a cell phone camera, I put many miles on my car and my legs, exploring all corners of the city (well, many corners, I still need to do a Belle Isle photoset, I’m reminded from time to time), I went out shooting, and found some pretty amazing stuff. It activated a curiosity about Detroit that’s easy to lose when you’ve lived here for decades and feel that you know the area well. 

When I’d post photos and have people who’ve been living in Detroit longer than I’ve been alive ask where is that? or mention that they hadn’t seen that, I knew I was onto something.

Somewhere along the way, I came to realize it was actually selfish to go on as just a website. Showing you the beauty that Detroit has to offer, while keeping you a computer screen removed from it, just didn’t seem right. Something you could hold in your hand and use to show off your pride in Detroit would be needed. Down I-94: The Store, is that something. 

DownI94.com gives you the chance to hold a piece of Detroit in your hand, put it on your wall, let it protect your phone.

DownI94.com allows you to give the gift of Detroit. With items ranging from coasters to phone cases to shower curtains to tote bags, and growing by the week, we have plenty of choices to whet your appetite. 

For practical purposes, I could never store even a fraction of the photos I’ve taken here on the store website, so Down I-94 the blog and Down I-94 the store will go on as separate entities with individual missions. This announcement is about addition, not subtraction. It’s about allowing people to take their appreciation for the city they love and move it beyond a flat computer screen.

Take a browse around the website. With items as modestly priced as $15, and shipping included in the price of each item, we have designs for every taste and options for every budget.

I’d love to hear your feedback. Check out my store at downi94.com.

James David Dickson,

Down I-94: Give the gift of Detroit

As seen in Detroit. East side, west side, and downtown.

Hands Up. As seen at the MBAD Bead Museum on Grand River.

Run, Walk, Stand in the Sun. As seen on Oakland.

The Boy Governor. Stevens T. Mason, parts 1 and 2. Capitol Park.

Face-Off. MBAD Museum.

Is it a matter of perspective? Or do you lack focus?

A general and his war horse. General Thaddeus Kosciuszko, as seen at Michigan Avenue and Third.

Lafayette, looking west.